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FREE services for patients our doctors:

These free options allow our customers to save over $ 2,000!

  • free rental items to care for a newborn at Miami OBGYN Institute : car seats, changing tables, baby baths, baby monitors, nursing pillows and much more

  • free classes with as a doula in preparation for childbirth and lactation (every Wednesday at 2 p.m.)

  • free yoga classes for pregnant women (with a better schedule to follow through the chat, as it can change due to weather)

  • free activities for independent paperwork to a newborn (with the schedule of classes better to watch via live chat)

  • the provision of free medical interpreter assistant on all appointments to doctors medical center (obstetrician-gynecologists, an internist, a pediatrician, ultrasound technician, etc.)

  • free translator on a trip to the hospital, which will help You to sign a contract and pay the hospital

  • free help paying for epidural anesthesia, neonatologist, as well as assistance in the return of funds if not used by the neonatologist and/or anesthesia

  • free work accounts from the hospital, free receiving zero balance from hospital and doctors

  • free assistance in filling out forms, signing an agreement with embankme for preservation of the stem cells, all set to collect the cord blood/umbilical cord material