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All November, the Miami OBGYN Institute is pleased with its customers with new promotions. Now the procedure of labioplasty has become even more accessible — $ 2000 instead of $ 2500. Hurry up to sign up for a free consultation and get a post-operative visit to the doctor as a gift!

Labioplasty is a plastic surgery aimed at correcting the shape and size of the labia. It is almost painless procedure, which takes only 40 minutes and does not affect the sexual desire. This procedure can also be performed for young mothers, but at least 6 weeks after the birth. As a result, the appearance improves and various aesthetic defects of the large and small labia are eliminated, and the woman permanently gets rid of discomfort and embarrassment in intimate life and acquires self-confidence!

The promotion is valid until December 31.


And again, a profitable offer from the Miami OBGYN Institute! Throughout November, when you pay for just three procedures of plasma therapy, their cost is only $ 1200. The cost of one procedure is $ 500.

Plasma therapy is an innovative technology for rejuvenating and restoring tissues at the cellular level by intradermal administration of a platelet-enriched plasma patient. Wrinkles are smoothed, acne goes away, the skin acquires a fresh and healthy appearance, and the balance of the epidermis quickly returns to normal after peeling and other cosmetic procedures. Thus, as a result of plasmotherapy, all visible skin imperfections disappear.

This procedure is recommended to be held once a year.

The promotion is valid until November 30!